what is fileye?

fileye is…

an easy to learn and simple to use intellectual property docketing system

easily implemented and cost effective

browser-based, so wherever you can get to a browser you can logon

incredibly easy to administer and requires little or no end-user training

multi-lingual and you can select yours on demand

written to take advantage of the latest cutting edge technologies

available as Professional or Starter

is fileye suitable?

yes, if you demand…

browser-based access to your system and choice of installation location

prosecution of any type of IP and non IP

automatic due and reminder date generation using configurable rules

instant and customisable reporting and letter and form generation

to provide your client’s with access to their portfolios

automatic emailing of deadlines to attorneys and staff

links to a multitude of IPO websites

will fileye help?

fileye will...

be flexible enough to adapt to the ever changing requirements of IP

grow with you as your business grows

help ensure you never miss a deadline with customisable deadline notifications

send letters to clients and associates, merging case and contact data

provide you with a secure and robust SQL database

allow you to configure security profiles for your users

continually evolve with new versions


  • Fileye provides full training, has an excellent support team and continues to improve the product based on the customer feedback.  Everyone is extremely friendly and response to questions is extremely prompt. Software updates are easy and seamless.

    Tonya M Berger, USA
    Corporate Patent Paralegal of SiO2 Medical Products
  • After an extensive review of the various IP file management vendors, we decided to use Fileye as the central file management system for our regional IP practice. We have since found the software user friendly and easy to configure to align with our existing work processes. Fileye’s support team has also been very prompt and professional in addressing the occasional questions that arose during the initial setup phase.

    CHAN Wai Yeng, Singapore
    Intellectual Property Manager of Kelvin Chia Partnership
  • The support team of Fileye is highly efficient, friendly and very helpful, and the training is very nice.

    Yaochun Jiang, China
    Founding Partner of China Truer IP
  • As a Senior Paralegal on a boutique-IP firm Fileye is the faithful partner of my work.
    Versatile, user friendly, smart. I had other experience with similar software, but Fileye is definitely the best, also because of the professionalism of the staff.

    Cristina Fabbrini Serravalle, Italy
    Senior Paralegal of Serravalle sas
  • Pillar IP, Inc. has been using Fileye docketing systems since its inception in October 2012. The system is easy to learn and use and is certainly full value for the relatively inexpensive cost. We use exclusively Apple products and although Fileye is not fully supported on Mac products, the support and advice offered by the team at Fileye to assist with updates and through the use of a third-party server, has made our use fairly seamless. We readily recommend this docketing system to experienced, hands-on, small to medium sized IP firms!

    Heather Boyd, Canada
    Founder of Pillar IP
  • Fileye is a very robust, patent-office connected, user-friendly, web-based, and affordable solution for patents and trademarks and the customer service is extremely good.

    Lyza Sandgren, USA
    President/CEO/Managing Paralegal of CanopyParalegal (a division of CanopyLegal, LLC – IP Paralegal, Docketing and IP Consulting Services)
  • Fileye is very easy to use. So easy, in fact, I could use it with my eyes closed! Full training is given, the support is excellent and it has all the features you need to maintain your records.

    Nicola Hinchcliffe, UK
    Paralegal of Rollits LLP
  • The support team of Fileye is always working very fast and offers good advice.

    M. Meier, Switzerland
    Trademark Paralegal of MME Legal AG
  • fileye is an excellent system and each release brings better functionality and more improvements.

    Aviter Kiriago, Kenya – IP Clerk of Coulson Harney
  • I have found fileye to be user friendly and the searching capability has been very helpful.

    Donna Parker, USA
    Office Administrator of SiO2 Medical Products
  • Value for money and excellent support!

    Accura Advokatpartnerselskab, Denmark
  • A powerful, flexible record management system.

    fileye user, New Zealand
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