bite sized guides (day-to-day usage)

The following guides and tutorials (we're calling them bite sized guides) have been created to help you get the most from fileye. Whether you're a new or seasoned user we hope you'll learn something which will help you in your use of fileye.

Each guide concentrates on a specific topic and is available as a pdf file.
This page has guides for day-to-day usage. For bite sized guides relating to new users click here, and for bite sized guides for system administrators click here.

companies & contacts (types; searching; creating; viewing; updating)

responsible people (types; searching; creating; viewing; updating)

records (searching; producing reports; generating letters)

case creation
patent (initial creation of a new patent)
trademark (initial creation of a new trademark)

case duplication
single (copying a case to create one new case)
multiple (copying a case to create one or many new cases (national filings from an International, European or Eurasian case for example))

case maintenance
case header (viewing; modification)
classes, goods & services (creation; modification; trademarks only)
contacts (creation; modification)
cost items (the basics (see cost tracking below for a comprehensive guide); professional edition only)
dates (creation; modification)
diaries (the basics (see diaries below for comprehensive guides))
documents (creation; modification)
labels (creation; modification)
notes (creation; modification)
relationships (creation; modification)
responsible people (creation; modification)

cost tracking (searching; creation; modification (single & multiple); reporting; generating letters)

diaries (searching; reporting; generating letters)
ad hoc (creation; modification; viewing)
workflow (creation; modification; viewing; professional edition only))