frequently asked questions

The list of frequently asked questions should address many of your initial queries. However please feel free to contact us directly.

How can I contact you for support when I need it?

You are provided with a dedicated email address which connects you to our technical department. We endeavour to respond by return, often dealing with your enquiry immediately. You are also assigned a project manager who you can also contact for assistance and advice. fileye is also fully documented.

fileye is web based, but where is it installed?

You can choose to install fileye on your own hardware and access it using your web browsers across your own network. Alternatively you can enlist the services of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and have fileye hosted by them. Refer to the technical documentation for more information.

Can I import my data into fileye?

We have written routines to allow you to import your data from spreadsheets. The routines are fully documented in the online help, and more can be found on the features page.

Do I pay based upon the number of records?

No, you do not pay on a per record basis, and there is no limit to the number of records you can add into fileye. fileye is licensed based upon the number of users.

Can fileye cater for any type of IP?

Yes, and fileye is supplied pre-configured with all of the common Intellectual Property types. You are also able to add new types when you need them.

Can I store electronic documents against the case?

You can store electronic documents (of any type such as Word documents, spreadsheets, emails, pdf’s, videos, sounds, logos etc.) against each Case and also against any Contact. See the features page for more information.

Can I send emails from fileye?

Anywhere you see an email address, you can click on it and fileye will invoke your desktop email client. We have also written an extremely clever Microsoft Outlook addon which can automatically assign incoming and outgoing emails to the correct Case in fileye. See the features page for more information.

Is fileye able to produce reports of my portfolio?

Yes, fileye is supplied with several useful reports, and you can even customize these and create as many of your own as you need. See the features page for more information.

My Client wants to access his data. Can I let them?

fileye does allow you to grant access to your Clients. It is view only access, and when you configure the user you are able to restrict your Client’s access so they can only see their portfolio. See the features page for more information.

Am I entitled to new versions, and do I have to pay for them?

You are entitled to all new versions (and also to hot fixes – interim fixes) at no extra charge. We email you whenever a new version is available, and each is fully documented.

I want to add more fields and store more data, can I do that?

Yes as most of the various selection lists and fields within fileye can be accessed under the System Data area of fileye. You are able to add to the extensive options we provide, or even remove ones which you feel are not relevant. This means fileye can grow and change as you do.

Can I enter data in my own language, not just in English?

Yes you can. As well as being able to store data in Roman character sets, non-Roman (such as Cyrillic, Chinese, Hebrew etc.) character sets are also supported. See the multilingual page for more information.

How much training do I need?

Very little! fileye is intuitive and easy to learn. However training materials are provided for users and administrators, and with the Professional Edition we also provide further training materials covering SmartLaws/Financial configuration. Additional online training is also available if required at reasonable rates.

How long will it take me to configure fileye before I can use it?

fileye can be used as soon as it has been installed*. fileye is delivered with enough pre-configured data to allow you to start adding contacts, cases and diaries immediately. Of course you are then able to customize it further if you wish.
*The Professional Edition requires SmartLaws and Financials to first be checked and amended accordingly.

Can I keep a track of changes being made by my users?

All changes made to your Case, Contact, Diary and System information are tracked and audited (including details of the user, the date and time and the changes made).

Can I suggest enhancements to fileye?

We actively encourage all fileye users to pass on any enhancements they feel would benefit fileye. Although we cannot promise to include all enhancements, we endeavour to include them where possible.