product features

Understand more of what fileye has to offer you, including client access, emailing, deadline management, editions, reporting, multilingual capabilities, security, data import, IPO links and more.


fileye is an extremely intuitive system and is one of the easiest IP software packages to learn, implement and run, resulting in what may well be the most time and cost efficient solutions available in the IP market today.

Taking fileye on will eliminate or substantially reduce extra cost associated with training or simply getting used to a new system.

The use of the latest technologies combined with a relational SQL database means that searching, reporting and data entry is fast and responsive, and the very logical structure applied across the entire system ensure you become familiar with fileye after minimal use.

Choose which edition of fileye best suits your requirements: Professional or Starter. For a list of the key features available to each edition, download to the User Comparison chart by clicking here.

client access

Granting access for your Clients, Associates and members of staff is becoming more and more of a basic requirement. That's why fileye's Client Access provides view only access to enable them to search, view and report their portfolio.

Allow them to log on to fileye saving you time and therefore money. And giving them what they want, when they want it.

You remain in control. You determine which Cases you let your Clients and Associates view and also which fields they can then see. This means you can allow access but prevent internal, confidential or sensitive items of data from being seen and reported.

The fileye view only access works from your live data, and not a copy taken days or weeks before. This is critical and ensures users are viewing up-to-the-minute information which can be relied upon.


You have full control of your Diary dates, assisting you with your decision making and ongoing management enabling automated task delegation to other members of staff as you see fit. SmartLaws will assist with automating this process.

Deadline reports can be produced on your own periodic basis, by the click of a button, or by fileye automatically running scheduled tasks (overnight for example) and will provide you with an accurate "to do" list from the items entered.

Diary items are defined by their types which includes among others Official Actions, Renewal Fees, Document Management, Formalities & Jobs.

Add to this the many different status options and duration fields which can be assigned and you will understand how targeted you can be when taking advantage of this facility when entering, reporting and managing your diary.


The fileye interface is available in many different languages, eliminating language-based communication problems.

As well as being able to store your data in any language (including Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic and Greek), all pages can appear in the language of your choice.

fileye automatically adopts the language selected for your browser. You can select from around 30 languages (currently some are computer generated translations) and the full list, with examples, can be found by clicking here.


You need to be able to produce a variety of reports for your Clients, Associates and for your own internal reporting and management analysis. You can quickly (by the click of a mouse) produce a report containing data from a selection (or all) of your portfolio.

fileye comes preconfigured with a useful selection of amendable report templates. Alternatively create your own styles of report (Client specific for example). Within each you can control the columns of data, column order, widths, fonts, styles and colours.

emails & documents

Tracking and assigning emails, letters and forms to the correct case or file is vital. fileye can do this for you automatically.

You can also email directly from fileye wherever an email address appears within the system. The fileye Microsoft Outlook add-on automatically assigns sent and received emails to the correct case.

The electronic document database offers you the chance to create a full or partial electronic version of your “soft copy” files and documents.

The document database will accommodate all picture formats in addition to sound and video media clips. This make it indispensable for patent drawings, trade mark logos and designs, and especially useful if you wish to attach digital audio dictation, product labels and branding guidelines for example.


Designing a brand new relational database means fileye takes full advantage of the latest technologies and techniques, meaning the resulting structure is robust, secure and future ready.

The thought and time invested into fileye's database development means that the heart of our product is perfectly placed to be at the heart of your business.

By taking advantage of an SQL database, fileye is able to utilise the power this affords in terms of advanced searching capabilities, data storage and flexibility.

In terms of user security, each fileye user is assigned a unique user name, with a mandatory password. Additionally, User Profiles allow you to configure multiple access roles and rights within fileye. By adopting User Profiles it is possible to restrict or enable access to any area of fileye.

data import

Transferring your data accurately and without any form of data loss is of paramount importance.

fileye's sophisticated import routines easily and quickly import your data (contacts, cases and deadlines) from existing or new sources.

The import procedures eliminate costly mistakes too often encountered when re-keying legacy data. They also provide you with a cost effective way of importing tens, hundreds or even thousands of records.

fileye validates your data to ensure the highest data integrity, and stores it in a quarantine area where you can view, amend and report it. This unique feature allows you to actually see how your data will manifest before it even features in fileye.

ipo links

Click through from your case records to over 100 Trademark, Patent & Design Office websites to view the corresponding entry or access the search page (view the list).

Whether you wish to check the status of your Intellectual Property records at the IPO, or simply look at the details, the fileye IPO Links will allow you to keep track of your portfolio.

It may also be possible to visit multiple IPO websites for the same record (for example on an international US Trademark you can visit the US PTO, TMView and WIPO).