smartlaws features

SmartLaws deliver superb automatic date generation for all due and reminder dates in any jurisdiction and are available in the Professional Edition of fileye.

SmartLaws generate your letters and forms for you, and each individual Diary Event or activity can be automatically assigned to the relevant fee earner or paralegal (with the option of manual override).

SmartLaws give you the flexibility of creating deadlines and reminders on an ad hoc basis. Assign them to a preconfigured Diary Event or to a Workflow and control the events for Official Actions and other “on demand” activities.

SmartLaws integrates with the Cost Tracking module to automatically create Cost Items for known events, such as filing fees, renewal fees and examination fees. You can track these costs, and apply uplifts (by value or percentage).

diary events

Diary Events are quite simply but fundamentally the backbone of SmartLaws. They constitute the "law rules" for each jurisdiction.

The Diary Event controls factors such as the due date calculation and its frequency (annually, cyclical (i.e. Trademark renewals)).

Rules enable fileye to determine primary and secondary criteria for due date calculation (i.e. 10 years from activity "a" or 7 years from activity "b").

Diary Events give you the flexibility of optionally assigning deadlines to a specific fee earner or paralegal, overriding the case responsible person.


SmartLaws Diary Events can be controlled by a configurable Workflow, ensuring fileye works the way you want it to.

Workflows govern your internal procedures and can be configured to reflect these.

Workflows utilise Activities to govern the required procedures for each Diary Event, from ensuring you send out the necessary reminders, to completing the Diary Event.

Completion of an Activity moves you on to the next one in the Workflow, automatically calculating a fresh reminder date based upon your criteria.

cost tracking

The Cost Tracking module ensures you can analyse all costs and revenue across your entire portfolio.

SmartLaws Diary Events can automatically create Cost Items in the Cost Tracking module, or Cost Items can be created on an ad hoc basis to capture all other expenditure such as fee earner time and incoming invoices.

Known costs (i.e. filing, examination, grant, publication, renewal fees) can be automatically generated.

Costs are recorded in your local currency as well as in the currency of the Client or Associate.